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Healthy feet are essential for overall good health. From the most active of individuals, to the completely inactive, a pedicure is a wonderful way to achieve this and can be very therapeutic to some foot conditions.

I offer everything from a file and polish to a luxury pedicure.I can tailor a pedicure or foot treatment to suit your individual needs. It could be for a pedicure, foot treatment to include reflexology or Indian Head Massage, or a quick fix to revive, soothe or replenish.

File and polish

A quick way to improve the look of your nails –a nail file & shape with colour applied.


Using luxurious Keaso lime and ginger, peppermint & blueberry pedicure products that will help to revive, energise and invigorate your feet, a pedicure starts with cleansing the feet. This will soothe & refresh. It provides gentle but effective cuticle and nail care treatment. A therapeutic lower leg and foot massage are performed, moisturiser is applied and nails are painted.

With colour 1 hr or without colour 50 minutes.

Luxury Pedicure

This is the ultimate in pedicure. You have all the benefits of a regular
pedicure, the feet are then exfoliated, using a wonderfully invigorating product leaving the feet feeling revived. Exfoliation removes dry skin, helps improve circulation & improves the look and health of your feet. A masque is then applied to the feet with heated booties, therapeutic lower leg and foot massage are performed and nails are painted.
1 hour 15

Invigorating foot and lower leg massage

A treatment for anyone with tired legs and feet, ideal for those who are
very active or in need of a foot and leg revive! Using revitalising or relaxing products, to suit your individual need, this treatment includes a foot soak, exfoliation, optional foot masque is applied, the feet and lower legs are massaged, moisturiser applied.
30 - 40 minutes


This a treatment that combines the healthcare benefits of both reflexology and a pedicure. A half hour reflexology treatment is then followed by a regular pedicure. The ultimate treat for your feet!
1 hour 30

Indian Head Massage & pedicure

This is a treatment that combines the benefits of Indian Head massage and a pedicure. A half hour of Indian Head Massage followed by a regular pedicure.
1 hour 20




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