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Nerve Reflexology

The concept of nerve reflexology was developed by Nico Pauly, a renowned Belgium Physiotherapist.

Currently there are approximately 300 people in the world, trained and certified in the use of nerve reflexology.

What will I experience during a nerve reflexology session?

The technique applied for nerve reflexology is different to conventional reflexology as pressure from the top of the inside of the therapist’s thumb is applied to the bones of your feet. This unique and precise technique influences targeted nerves in your body, which has an effect on organs, glands and other systems, corresponding to the areas of pain and discomfort. Therefore, changes will occur in the peripheral, central and autonomic nervous systems as well as alleviating the stress and anxiety that pain and discomfort can cause.

During treatment, discomfort can occur which may indicate an imbalance in the system corresponding to that nerve. Nerve reflexology helps to restore balance and therefore aid in reducing discomfort and improve body movement and function.

How long will a session last?

Nerve reflexology can be offered as a session on it’s own which may last for 30 minutes. This can give excellent results.

However, the most effective application of the technique involves a full reflexology session lasting up to an hour. I offer reflexology combining advanced, vertical and nerve reflexology techniques. This combination will give you maximum results in the most effective way.

How often should I have sessions?

The frequency of sessions will depend on the nature of your problem and how long it has been an issue. Typically sessions should take place weekly or fortnightly, however, this situation depends on your circumstances and your response to treatment.

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