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Indian Head Massage

For physical and emotional well-being...

Indian Head massage is a traditional holistic therapy which originates from India and dates back over 4000 years. It is based on part of the ancient traditional system of medicine known as Ayurveda

It is a natural and holistic way to help improve your health and well being, which involves a strong affect from the three higher chakras.

What does Indian Head Massage involve?

Indian Head Massage involves massage techniques on the head, neck, shoulder & arms, whilst you are seated and fully clothed. A facial lymphatic drainage is also offered as an optional part of the treatment.

What are the benefits Of Indian Head Massage?

There are many benefits from Indian Head Massage, these can include the following:

It can induce deep relaxation & can de-stress
Promote improved sleep
Improved circulation to the areas of the back, neck, head and arms
Improved lymphatic drainage, aiding in the removal of toxins
Balances and harmonises the body’s energy system
Promotes a feeling of well being and calm
Relieves tension headaches & migraine
Encourages healthy hair growth.

What can Indian Head massage help with?

Indian Head Massage can help with many health issues and can bring relief to conditions, whether chronic or acute. These can include:

Stress & tension relief
Migraine & headaches relief
Muscular and circulatory issues
Lymphatic drainage
Sinus issues
Scalp & hair conditions

What happens at an Indian Head Massage session?

Your first session includes a complimentary confidential medical & lifestyle consultation. A treatment follows, so you should allow an hour for the first session. Subsequent sessions take between 30-45 minutes dependant on your individual need.

I offer a personalised treatment programme tailored to suit each client, be it for relaxation or a more complex healthcare need.

I offer the optional use of essential aromatherapy oils on the hair & scalp which can improve the condition of both these areas as well as the benefits essential oils offer.

Full aftercare advice will be offered.



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